Thesis 55


Relationality in the Remnant

Early Christians after Pentecost lived in community among themselves and their neighbors. The apostles’ teaching nurtured empathetic outreach (Acts 2:42) as believers shared material goods (verse 44), thus winning “favor with all the people” (verse 47). Dramatic church growth resulted from such caring Christianity.

A renaissance of relationality will flourish among God’s final remnant before Christ returns. Jesus will pass judgment upon the world by separating His community of compassionate sheep from Satan’s selfish, isolationist goats (Matt. 25:31-46.). Often we Adventists overlook those 16 verses with their powerful warning about what really matters to God in the judgment. Evidence of being saved by grace is a life of gracious sharing. True faith blossoms into the fruit of the Spirit (love, joy and peace, primarily) in compassionate ministry to the sick, homeless and imprisoned. Such is God’s purpose for His people.

May we as Seventh-day Adventists love the Lord with all our hearts and then love one another as He has loved us. Thus will our neighbors recognize Jesus in our message and mission of truth and grace.